Engineer profile

I am an Electronic Engineer graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI), in Lima, Peru, specialized in embedded systems for electronic instrumentation and sensor networks. With experience in the modeling, characterization and conditioning of pH sensors based on semiconductors (ISFET), the implementation of the conditioning, processing and compensation system in a mixed signal microcontroller, as well as its communication and sending of data to the Internet through the use of the sensor network protocol, 6LoWPAN. With Master's studies in Biomedical Engineering and interest in research and development of electronic circuits and systems for interaction with biomedical signals.
Topics of interest Embedded systems, BCI systems, biomedical devices, wearable devices

Developer profile

I have experience with different programming languages, and I consider myself competent with Python, Bash and JavaScript. I am also fairly familiar with technologies of cloud computing, control version systems, and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). I have experience integrating solutions and I have participated in developer teams applying agile methodologies.
Topics of interest DevOps, Cloud Computing