Hi, I am Luighi Vitón, and I am an Electronic Engineer. I created this website to share with you information about my professional trajectory and the projects I have developed. Hope you find this useful. If you want to know more details, feel free to contact me at the contact page.
I enjoy my career as an engineer, I would like to be a researcher, and I consider myself a hobbyist programmer. I am passionate about learning new things, especially tech-related, and I have tried to apply that knowledge in the projects I had the opportunity to take part in, either for my previous workplaces or for my personal projects. That is why you will find a variety of technologies and applications in the presented solutions. I also have a huge interest in the research fields related to electronics and engineering. That is why you will find some publications of research articles I have written when I was working in a research institution.




If you are interested in hiring me, perhaps you would like to know more about my experience and skills.


Assistant on Technological Applications
Assistant on Research Projects


In addition to my formal work, I also participate in volunteering projects, mentioned following.